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The Oceanas were built over a twenty-year period, starting in 1964 and completed in 1984. There are twelve separate sections of Oceana, each having its own clubhouse and pool. More than 2000 homes and condos were built, offering a variety of floor or plans. The majority of the units are single-level without stairs. You own your Oceana home and the ground on which it stands as you would in any other standard real estate subdivision. Oceana’s location is just 4 miles from the beach. Our mild year-round climate provides perfect weather for all the other outdoor activities you enjoy. Oceana’s north county location provides easy access to everything San Diego and Orange county has to offer. Oceana is within minutes of just about anything you may need.

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Sections of Oceana

The original Oceana development started in the early l960s, has a total of 932 homes, one homeowner’s association, and a large clubhouse.

Oceana South and Oceana East, the next developments built, both are comprised of three units each. Averaging approximately 100 homes per unit, each unit has its own homeowner’s association, clubhouse, and pool. Oceana Real, a three-story security condominium building, has 54 dwellings, and its own clubhouse, pool, and homeowner’s association. Oceana Mission, the final section, is about two miles east and contains four units, associations, and clubhouses. Note that residents may utilize only the clubhouse belonging to their particular section and homeowner association.

Sections of Oceana

Age Restrictions

Oceana was intended for active seniors, so there are restrictions.

As set by the State of California, one resident must be at least 55 years of age, and no other inhabitant (other than spouse or cohabitant) may be under 45 years. Visitors under the age of 45 are allowed temporary residency as a guest for up to sixty days in any one-year period.

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Original Oceana

The Oceanside Community Association is the nonprofit organization which is responsible for the administration of all of the affairs of the original and largest Oceana community.

Each homeowner has a voice in this organization and the election of its board of directors. It is managed by a full-time administrator and staff, with an on-site office to serve the residents. Their main duties include supervising the exterior maintenance program and the activities at the clubhouse. All Oceana homeowners belong to this organization, and pay monthly dues ranging from $237 up to approximately $294 (depending on if there is an escalation clause in the common-area lease — see below). This covers all grounds maintenance and gardening, inner street and driveway maintenance, exterior house painting, cable TV, all water, trash collection, sewers, common-area lease, and the clubhouse facilities. Individual fire/earthquake insurance is extra, but all homes are on a group policy handled by the Association, and currently pay about 35 cents per square foot. The recreational facilities include a large clubhouse with an auditorium, stage, library/lounge, kitchen, card rooms, billiard room, art/ceramic studio, lapidary/jewelry shop, woodworking shop, two swimming pools, spa, the “Share fi Wear Boutique,” and a private canyon with a community vegetable garden and dog run. Residents also receive a 25% discount on the Emerald Isle Golf Course adjacent to Oceana. In this Oceana, you own the ground under your house, but the common areas are on a 99-year lease from the developers. A portion of the association dues, originally $15, covers the lease payment. While many homes have this payment fixed at $15 for the full 99 years, most of the homes have an adjustment clause in their lease: an adjustment was made 20 years from the date of a home’s first sale, and additional raises will be made every 10 years thereafter (tied to the Consumer Price Index).

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